Your New Insider Guide To The Famous Bolle Sunglasses

First founded in 1888, Bolle Sunglasses continues to power on as a leader in the sunglasses industry, even after over a hundred years later.

Bolle is quite famous for its unwavering focus on function, performance, and technological innovation. In the hands of the expert Bolle craftsment, a humble, average pair of sunnies transforms into a nifty tool that strikes fear.

With an extremely high standard for design, style, and as we’ve mentioned before, performance, each pair of sunglasses is built with the wearer in mind. Longtime fans will be quite familiar with Bolle’s own original technology called Phantom.

Phantom lens technology doesn’t just sound cool, but it has also been perfected to the T to redefine vision. Primarily, it gives focus to three features:

  1. Optica Clarity – Bolle lenses are made with a lightweight material called NXT, which itself is full of features that work to provide complete and total protection from harmful UV rays. They also allow for maximum clarity and high-impact resistance.
  2. Photochromic Performance – By transitioning the tint in as quick as 30 seconds, this makes it possible for the lens to adapt to the light and give you enhanced vision.
  3. High Contrast Filter – This aids in boosting colour and clarity of vision, no matter how rapid your movement is. Your ability to see obstacles upfront increases ten-fold.

Although we’ve been going on all about Bolle’s amazing technology, that’s not to say that they lack in the style department at all. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular pairs of Bolle sunglasses.

Insider Guide to the Famous Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle Brecken Floatable Polarised Matte Black Yellow Grey (12460)

If you’re new to the brand, this is a good place to start. Thanks to Bolle’s advanced technology in place, this pair is perfectly safe to use even when in water. Floatability is not a feature that you’ll often see on most sunglasses, so you’re sure to get a kick out of this.

The next time you’re partaking in a water-based sport, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your beloved pair of sunglasses, since this will stay afloat rather than sink at the bottom. They’re constructed with a lightweight but durable plastic frame, combined with polarised lenses, giving you ultimate comfort all day.

The Brecken sunnies aren’t just exclusive to water activities. Its style is contemporary and flexible enough that it will look good no matter where you’re going.

Bolle B-Rock Matte Khaki Grey (12155)

Fitted with NXT technology and a wide field view, these sunglasses are the perfect accessory to use when cycling. The Bolle B-Rock has it all from photochromatic performance to high contrast to visual clarity – everything you could possibly need in a pair of sunnies for your next road trip.

Made extra comfortable with Thermogrip rubber, you can wear these for as long as you like without having to worry about it flying off or slipping when in contact with sweat.

They’re also sized quite larger than the usual sunnies, which ensures extra protection to the delicate skin around your eyes. Never again do you have to worry about getting wind, sand, or any other debris in your eyes!

Bolle Flyair Matte Black Phantom Brown (12287)

What’s more perfect for a day out on the golf course than a flexible, lightweight pair of shades with unbeatable lenses and a firm grip? Because that’s exactly what the Bolle Flyairs are made of.

Providing visual clarity to help them keep their eye on the ball at all times, plus a unique, rimless design, your field of view with these sunnies is sure to be uninterrupted. Rest assured that they will stay on all throughout your game, thanks to Thermogrip rubber and adjustable nose pads.

Bolle Kayman Polarised Matte Black Grey (12365)

Of course, Bolle has something for everyone, not just the sports enthusiasts. The Bolle Kaymans have a slightly wrapped fit made comfortable with Thermogrip on the temples, nose pads, and inside the frames too. This ensures that they will not slip under any condition.

With multiple color options to choose from, these sunnies even include oleophobic treatment, which means that dirt and grease will not stick to the lenses. Naturally, this means clear and quality vision all day, every day.

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