How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy? | 10 Post Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy is a phase when a woman is advised to stay away from heavy work and exercising. If you have recently delivered a baby, then you probably know how uncontrollably one puts on weight when they get pregnant. And the biggest challenge is to lose this weight after delivery. If you want to know How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy, then it would be valuable for you to understand that it’s not possible without exercise. Yes, a balanced diet will help you shed some extra pounds, but it won’t be able to get you a toned body. For a slim and toned body, you will have to engage in Post Pregnancy Workouts. Here are some of the most popular and important post-pregnancy exercises that women fondly do. Check out-

Best Post Pregnancy Workouts

Pelvic tilt


You can start this exercise as early as a week post-pregnancy if you have had a vaginal delivery. If, however, you have had a C section then start it only after 8-10 weeks after delivery. This exercise improves abdominal strength and stamina.

Pelvic bridge


Wondering How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy fast? Incorporate this exercise into your routine after 8 weeks of delivery. As the name suggests, this exercise requires you to form a bridge with your body keeping your head and feet resting on the floor (lying on your back). Because this exercise requires you to raise your pelvis, your lower back and buttocks get strengthened.

Sliding the heels


This is one of those Post Pregnancy Workouts that doesn’t bother your body much. All you have to do is slide your heels on the floor, with knees bent and back resting on the floor. When you exercise after pregnancy, you must not engage in a strenuous workout. Heel slides are an amazing exercise to do post-pregnancy. It strengthens the transverse and lower back.



A lot of women looking for expert tips on How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy, don’t realize that the best exercise after pregnancy is walking. Yes, half an hour of a walk taken in the morning or evening can do more wonders on your body than can other Post Pregnancy Workouts.

Deep Breathing


Not all Post Pregnancy Workouts have the kind of impact deep breathing has. Hence, if you desire to exercise after pregnancy without hurting your body, then deep belly breathing with abdominal contraction is what you should do.



The kegel exercise involves contracting and relaxing the muscles that form the pelvic floor. By doing this exercise after pregnancy, you will strengthen your pelvic area considerably.

Stretching and twisting


If you are unable to do any heavy exercise after pregnancy, then a little stretching of the body can make you feel rejuvenated. If you feel strong enough to do twisting, then trying it out is also highly advisable. Stretching and twisting of the body is one of the most commonly done Post Pregnancy Workouts today.



Yoga is healing in nature. Hence, it is what a new mom needs to strengthen her body and lose weight. There are many asanas that a new mom can do, some of them include the camel pose, the rabbit pose, and the modified Navasana. To make sure you are doing the poses right, hire a good yoga instructor.



So, you want to know How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy and get back your toned figure from the pre-pregnancy days. Well, you will have to swim to your heart’s content. But make sure you don’t engage in this exercise up to 8-10 weeks of delivery, so as to avoid chances of infection.



If you want to gain your pre-pregnancy body fast then Pilates is another way you can achieve this. Pilates is a system of exercises that uses special apparatuses for the workout. These exercises put smaller muscles in the body under constant tension, so that they help tone the body.

So, don’t sit wondering How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy, there are many exercises that you can try out, out of which the above-mentioned are the most recommended ones. These exercises are not just effective but also extremely enjoyable.